What is the Role of Web Design in your Website?

Web design plays a very important role in promoting business online. The size of an ecommerce website determines its success in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Web design can also be termed as the visual presentation of information on any particular site. Designing of websites generally includes planning of visual elements such as layout, color schemes, images, font, video, etc. It involves a balance between text, graphics, videos and interactivity.

User-centric web design means that the visitor of a web page is essentially the only one who actually clicks on the displayed button and so interprets everything accordingly. The goal of every designer is to convince the visitor to take the desired action. Good web design focuses on the distinctive impression and not just the visibility. Here, the visual elements are not meant to attract the viewers. Rather, it is the content that should be powerful enough to persuade the audience.


Many things go into the development of a good website. An interactive web-site is generally more successful than others because it provides an easier way for users to learn and use the tools. The importance of usability lies in creating a web-site that is easy and user-friendly. It makes a big difference if a web-site does not use graphics or animations but is well-designed by using appropriate and reliable software, tools and techniques.

Good web design always ensures that the textual content is clear, precise and presented in a natural and easy-to-read manner. A clear textual content makes it easier for readers to understand the message. However, absence of white space is often considered as a drawback of a web page since white spaces have been considered as the most common error by readers. Good web design principles lay stress on maintaining white space. However, it can also be useful to include a white space in certain parts of a web page, such as a logo, navigation bar, or a footer. This creates a pleasant aesthetic atmosphere and helps readers focus on the main topic.


Good web design is also dependent on the use of selected graphic elements. Elements like fonts, background, borders, icons, and buttons all play a very important role in making a web design appealing. Web visitors should be able to easily access all the elements they need. Elements should not only be accessible from the main content but also from other elements placed on a page.

Web users are usually very visual and you must keep this fact in mind while designing a website. In order to make your web page design attractive, you must choose suitable visual design techniques. With the help of professional website designers, you can improve the appearance of your website and make it user friendly. You can also make it search engine friendly and increase the traffic. If you are interested in making your website user friendly and search engine friendly, then you need to hire an experienced web designer.